Interview... Danika Maia (CopenHype VJ)

Danika is one true music lover. She's bringing bands directly to you as they are. With "her" new project COPENHYPE, working as a VJ growing into the scene, we caught her up and made an interview with the lady... To be a "mortal" person talking to artists and other ppl doing music is not always easy. You got to understand how they function. You got to understand what's their life and brain about. What goals they may wanna achieve, what they like.

You're kind of the mother of them. You have to know as much as possible to make an perfect and interesting interview. To connect to 'em!

Because what fans and followers wanna know are new stuff. News. News in general or just facts they've never heard before. It always has to be funny, because every single guy and girl likes and loves to talk and laughing isn't it? Well let me introduce to you. The Danish badass itself: Danika Maia.

Danika. What a great name, does it tell about your personality and how' you're doing interviews with bands?
  • Well, I'm not sure. I suppose you could relate it in some way, if you really wanted to. Danika means "Morning Star" which is quite sweet and happy, but when I was little some kids told me that it was "Mourning Star" which is another name for Satan. So in relation to how I conduct interviews, I might look sweet and innocent but I'll ask those devilish questions about underage girls, embarrassing moments, and I'm not afraid to curse. I try not to curse that much though. Momma raised a lady.
I'm kinda obsessed with Denmark at the moment, what's your obsession in such as music?
  • I'm also obsessed with Danish and Scandinavian music in general right now. I love this mixture of genres that the Scandinavians have been able to blend and master so beautifully. From Quadron, to Mø, Lykke Li, Oh Land, Fallulah (ok I love the ladies at the moment) there's a little bit of something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Of course you can't forget about the Danish hip/hop and trap scene. I love sweating it out to Nonsens and Snavs when I'm feeling ratchet.
You favorite interview so far ?
  • My favorite interview so far has probably been with the Go Go Berlin boys. This was actually the very first band interview we did, right when we started up CopenHype. I was nervous as fuck but the guys are so chill and made me feel so comfortable. We sat around having beers and hearing great stories and the interview ended up being 30 minutes long or something, when it's supposed to be five to ten minutes. This was before they played Roskilde and absolutely blew up off the scene so I'm glad we got a chance to catch them. Probably won't be that simple any more!
What are your limits when it comes to questions?
  • You have to gauge people's reactions and get a feel for their personality. You can usually tell pretty quickly when they don't want to stray too far off from the serious music questions. I'll try once or twice to take it somewhere a little edgy but if they're not feeling it I don't push it. I'm pretty new to this whole thing though, so I just take it as it comes.
What band would you like to interview once and what super question would you hold back from them?
  • My favorite band growing up was Modest Mouse. They really got me through high school and all the bullshit that goes along with it. I would love to interview them and ask Isaac Brock about the depth and darkness of his heroin addiction and how that influenced his incredible lyrical poetry. But I'd probably be too nervous and just ask them where they like to get drunk on Saturdays.
The first thing you've listened on your iPod this morning?
Copenhype is getting bigger and bigger. What are the plans for 14' ? Roskilde Cooperation?
  • The whole reason we're doing this is to get into Roskilde for free next year and interview some big artists. LET US IN!!
How many ppl are in the Copenhype team ?
  • We are 9 I think in absolute total:
  • Myself - Host and Creative Director ( if I really want to give myself a lot of credit) 
  • Nikita - Founder, Cameraman, Editor, Driver, Money Supply 
  • Brynjar - Co - Founder, Cameraman, Editor,
  • Alex - Photographer, Comedian 
  • Anna Sofia - Administration, Producer, E-mail Checker, Assistant, Eye Candy 
  • Milda - Web Developer 
  • Erika - Graphic Design 
  • Evalds Time Lapse Guy. (Yeah that's right, we have a time lapse guy)
  • Domantas - Stylist and Wardrobe Wizard

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