Interview with... Shiny Darkly

These Danish psychos are totally rad. No wait, let me explain it in another way: You loved "Pornography" by the "sexy" Cure? Well, YOU can skip over to Shiny Darkly now. It's fresher, younger. More alive... Their sound is catching fans from the old Cure- until the new psychedelic wave-fans. With much love for their super dark sound and fuzz operations, Shiny Darkly also collects strange sounds as to be interpreted as creepy or screamy guitar-tones and raw drumtracks. Uh Nuts! Unmatching Delays are much appreciated here aswell...

Their Neo-Wave-Hit "DIANA" proves that, if there is any guy who's telling that there aren't no bands anymore like The Cure's or The Brian Jonestown Massacre's flair, this exactly strange song is telling the opposite brothers and sisters! Let us check out what "Kristoffer Bech" was doing right back at the Iceland Airwaves Festival '13. We chatted with this eccentric boy:

Introduce yourself, who's Kristoffer Bech?
I am the singer and guitarist in the Danish band Shiny Darkly.

First thing you've heard on your iPod today and what it means to you? 
Listened to Peaking Lights. A dubious kind of band. Just discovered them. Their Sound is dreamy and good and warm. Fits perfect for the northern cold weather... 

Who's "Diana" you're singin' about on one of your most exciting singles you pulled out a time ago ?  
Diana can be seen as a person or a certain feeling. The name is fictive. The song can also be seen as a sad love story between a person and the persons ego.

Copenhagen. Much of a Rockcity ay. YOUR favorite rockcity?
You Can say that there is a good development of bands who Express themselves through different aspects of rock Music. That being punk or psychedelic effects. I don't know if its my fave rock City, I don't Think so. Haven't Found my favourite yet.

A meal which describes your sound.
Hmm. Maybe a greasy and spicy Thai Meal? 

Iceland airwaves. What have you experienced on this festival?
We Got to play 6 off venue shows and 1 official in 4 days, so it has been very intense and fun. It is a fantastic festival. The off venues were actually quite impressing. So many People interested in new Music.

Tell me about your new release.
We are now releasing an Ep on a 12" vinyl with 3 songs. On the a side the 10 min long single dead Stars which is going to be the last song on our full length album. The two other songs will not be present on the full album. They are sort of bonus tracks. Our album with the title "little earth" Will be released in January 14'.
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