INTRODUCING: Casablanco and the release of new single 'Shadow of You'

When you come across a persons Facebook page that suggests their job is being a 'musician', it's hard to refrain from instinctively jumping to the conclusion that the sheer extent of their career, has took place within the same four walls of the same old pub. However, like the saying goes, you should never judge a book by it's cover because on this particular occasion, I think you'd be extremely hard pressed to find a local-ish musician whose musical history is as elaborate as this particular chaps.

To put it into context, singer-songwriter Billy Wright, is a mere project or two away from giving Jack White a run for his money, in regards to the amount of musical pies he has had his fingers in. However, it seems like Southend's answer to The White Stripes frontman has finally made up his mind - well, for the time being anyway.

Back in 2008, Wright formed his first band, (at least I think) Redtrack. It would be this particular outfit that would go on to give him his first taste of success. Just a year after forming, the predominantly guitar driven band went on to win the 'Hollyoaks Music Show Competition', which led to a TV performance on the show in February 2010. This of course resulted in a vast increase of fans and it soon came to light that even film and TV hard man Ray Winestone, was a fan of the band. Combined, this spawned a series of great things for the group, including what seemed like unlimited BBC Introducing airplay as well as a slot at both the Reading and Leeds festival.

Billy Wright AKA Casablanco
But as we know, all good things come to an end (god this article is cliche heaven) - and Redtrack did just that, clearing the path for Wright to pursue a more rock/dance fused project, initially called BB. After indulging in various trips to New York and Ibiza for gigs and writing sessions, his good friends at BBC Introducing gave him the chance to attend a Masterclass at Abbey Road Studios and soon after, the name changed to Casablanco - his current persona that sees him rope in musicians for his unique live shows. 

After various high brow support slots with the likes of Chase and Status, as well as playing at last years Secret Garden Party Festival, Wright, who undeniably has a mean ear for a catchy melody, is kicking off the New Year by officially releasing live favourite 'Shadow of You' as a single via Wall Of Sound Records.

Now, I'm not going to end this article by saying 'Casablanco will be the next big thing', because I'd be using yet another cliche. But I will say this - with the economically doomed and politically corrupt society we live in constantly leaving us lacking enthusiasm, the time couldn't be more perfect for an onslaught of freshly blended 'let your hair down' guitar/dance music. Just don't be surprised when you see Casablanco leading the march.

The single will be released next January. You can watch the video for it here:

And find CASABLANCO here:

George Henry King