New Swiss Studio Engineers launch Liveband-Capturing-Project: Session vom Dach

"Sessions vom Dach", in English "Sessions from the roof" are 4 young guys working as artists or are generally interested pepople who'd like to work with bands and in studios, recording music and make sessions, such as 2 of them, that have already happened so far. But watch out. On their third project they invited one of the craziest Swiss psych-rockers form the French part of Switzerland. This band is called "Widdershins" and is a ridiculously catching and groovey AND fuzzy or as you might want to call it, LOUD rock'n'roll band. Very repetitive and not much of creativity. But this is what pumping psychedelic music is about. Being monotone and gnarly when it comes to shocking guitar noises. Yes of course there are Temples with nice melodies and bells and eargasmic stuff but still...

I've been watching Widdershins live, opening for the most exciting Retrorock band at this moment Kadavar, from Berlin, and they've shocked me with their live performance. I never thought I was watching it in the full length. But somehow I did (maybe there was just nowhere to go) but to not that mean, I could also possibly say they somehow were, well, interesting? I never cared about this band that much.

I never cared about this band that much UNTIL these four guys from "Session vom Dach" captured a strangling live performance to kick off they're real talent. Being a strictly strong and energetic Studioband and being precisely beating. Yes beating, the drummer is such a bad-ass and is hitting it in the fullest. You don't believe me? Well have a look:

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