Single Review... IYES - 'Til Infinity

We've been following the rise of Josh Christopher & Melis Soyaslanova - AKA Iyes - for nearly a year now, from the first demo we could hear the potential the duo had. Then came "Lighthouse" and the instrumental demo "Daddy", both of which got great reviews from the media.

Now they're back with their first proper single, not a demo nor an instrumental, rather something that people can buy. "'Til Infinity" still contains the elements that got us into them, the exceedingly produced drum beats, light and breezy guitar tones, warm vocals from both Josh and Melis and a captivating hook during the chorus. What they have is something the other aspiring electronic acts don't have - and that's integrity - they're really consistent as to the quality of music they're producing, and what's more is that the track is produced by Josh himself! If they continue along the path they're on they can easily be filling out large venues within the year!

Out of 10: 9/10

IYES - 'Til Infinity is out now on Duly Noted Records.

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