Track of the week... Rio Rio - The Bashful and the Brave

It's been a while since we've heard from Rio Rio - in fact it was over a year ago we first heard their début track "Gorilla Gorilla! They're now back and with a new EP on the horizon, but before that they've released the very upbeat single "The Bashful and the Brave". For fans of Two Door Cinema Club, Sons & Lovers and The 1975 - they're really going the right way about creating a genuinely exciting Indie anthem that's just waiting to be remixed by someone!

The LA based might've been in the shadows of The Neighbourhood for the past year but after this song they're ready to overtake them! The song has a real urgency and with some slick undertones such as the bass riff in the first verse, the break-down before the chorus and the urgent chorus giving you something that you'd be happy to bounce up and down to while driving!

They're certainly on a path here that can lead to something big for them, I hope someone gives them a listen and signs them up, I know they're ready, I hope the labels do because I'm sure they'll be snapped up in 2013 for sure. The single is out now, click here to buy it. 

P.S. if you see someone going mad in a Silver Fiat in Cambridge - it might just be me listening to this!

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