Track of the week... Sons & Lovers - Ghosts

Released as a free download at the end of Summer, Sons & Lovers' track "Ghosts" has slowly but surely become a big hit with us at It's All Indie Towers! The song is very catchy and has seen me hit the re-play button a fair few times. They're blend of Alternative-Soft-Rock and Dance moods have you captured from the first note. We first saw them live at Reading Festival back in late August, and even before I heard this track I knew they meant business!

They took to the stage with such swagger you knew they were a band that knew what they were doing, and already playing to a sold out KoKo the night before, they had the crowd in their hands. It seems to be they're one of the bands that'll be gracing the 2014 lists soon, but with their catchy hooks and sweet melodies I can see them pushing past that and going on to be one of the biggest acts to break in 2014. You can watch the video for the song which is set on Inishturk Island, below - and why not catch them out on tour with The Naked and Famous in the UK in November.

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Bonus - "Ghosts (Lovelife Remix)"