Bombay Bicycle Club announce details for 4th album - "So Long, See You Tomorrow"

The band have announced that their 4th album will be called "So Long, See You Tomorrow". They’ve made a special limited edition box set of the album that features premium packaging and includes the CD, heavyweight 12” gatefold vinyl, a special box-set only 7” featuring two acoustic tracks not on the album called "To The Bone" and "Easier", a song and story book that includes chords/lyrics for the songs if you want to play them and short stories about the writing and making of the album and last but not least an art print that doubles as a phenakistocope featuring the album cover.

The track listing is...
  1. Overdone
  2. It’s Alright Now
  3. Carry Me
  4. Home By Now
  5. Whenever, Wherever
  6. Luna
  7. Eyes Off You
  8. Feel
  9. Come To
  10. So Long, See You Tomorrow
If you preorder the album you’ll be entered into a draw to attend a private show that they’re playing on December 13th at Abbey Road Studios where they’ll preview some of the new songs. Preorder by 5PM GMT December 10 to be entered into the draw.