Interview... Soda Fabric (ISR)

Let me introduce you to the most fantastic music-making hipster quartett out of the sunny country Israel. This band Soda Fabric creates sound like you may have heard before but with a whole strong attitude. If you watch their movies/videoclips/ or listen to their songs in general you don't have any clue that the band actually comes from a country within a lot of political trouble. These boys are a good sign inside a true hearttouching story of a still very young country...

We caught up with one of these happy souls. The guy in the band is called "Moosh Lahav" and answered us a few questions about their really, really fancy project:

Where you caught up the idea of having a quite similar hairstyle?
  • Thats a hard one nico. We believe in a certain look not just in sound and songs. Like the Ramones, Jesus and mary chain and many bands before were into the "brothers" look kind of vibe...
We actually do know nothing about you, so introduce yourself to us...
  • Were 4 piece band. We play dreamy music influenced by Post punk/Shoegaze/Psychadelic stuff and more. Sterted touring the world a few months ago and about to release our debut E.P "Tears on the beach" soon
Where are you from and what artists would you reccomend to us from your leisure?
  • We're from Atlantis and Were the only band here.
Soda Club, ok strange thing, strangest instrument in your appearance?
  • We played a full show with Daniel Johnston few months ago and we used a flute, a Glockenspiel and other weird stuff. Usually we stick to 2 guitars, bass and drums.
Your favorite actor and why ... 
  • Brigitte Bardot and Marlon brando. They had style.        

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