Musicians Tips for 2014 // Featuring tips from Strangers, Holden Girls, Kreuzberg, & The Centurions and Blisseyes

In a new yearly segment we chat to some of our favourite bands about artists they're tipping for 2014.

Oh Boy:
Picked by // David Maddox-Jones of Strangers
"They're really good friends of mine and have a really good 90's grunge vibe going on. They've got an EP coming out early 2014!"

Mr Fish:
Picked by // Jens Holme-Hansen of Kreuzberg
"I think Mr Fish will get big, they've got a David Bowie sound about them!"

Sleaford Mods:
Picked by // Connor Browne of Holden Girls
"Their music transcends any trends that anyone like the NME or Pitchfork can control. Their recent album, 'Austerity Dogs', was a sparse, uncompromising set; gritty tales of Jason Williamson's Nottingham set to looping sampled basslines and drums, uncluttered and allowed to breath by the production. "Keep Your Eyes Slit" is the first song the duo have put out from their forthcoming album scheduled early 2014. They're the kind of band that will split opinions, but aren't some product of a major label with a polished sound and enormous PR backing. As honest and vital a band as you will hear, finally with people taking notice as they hit their stride. Put simply: bloody great stuff."

Picked by // Vish Mhatre of & The Centurions
"Well I've got my eyes set on a band called Fe, they are awesome! They have this one awseome song called "She-Came", you need to check it out! Even Lauren Laverne of BBC 6 Music loves it!"

Picked by // William Crosby of Blisseyes
"Telegram have a really classic sound and one of the best vocalists I've heard in a long time. They are raw but not primitive in composition or production, a real gem of a band. Their debut 7" has already become a collector's item; I'm certainly looking forward to their next release"

Klaus Johann Grobe: 
Picked by // William Crosby of Blisseyes
"Their first EP was great and so was the other single they released in 2013. Their music transcends a really unique sonic, with strong nods to Silver Apples, and many of the classic Krautrock bands of the 60s & 70s. I unfortunately missed them on their UK tour but remain excited to hear further music next year and see their profile increase!"