Sounds of 2014 - #1 - Wolf Alice

So here they are, the band we're tipping for 2014 - WOLF ALICE! Personal bias aside - fast growing London guitar outfit Wolf Alice + main stage tent at Beacons Festival = certain highlight of any festival. With this sum true, Ellie and her joyous companions blew away all punters with a taste of old and new by transferring what is on record into something completely new. A new beast. A raucous, untamed beast. The set included "Bros", "Leaving You" and "Fluffy" with new tracks made for one of the hottest bands to check out at most of the festivals last year.

They've managed to bottle the excitement of their live show into their track "She", it's big and bold just like their guitar hooks, lovely distorted bass, Ellie's sweet vocals and pounding drums. One of the best garage-rock tracks of the year so far, and because of that we're eagerly awaiting the full release of the EP, as we can see it being the platform the band needs to be pushed further into the consciousness of the masses.

With an EP and a single released back in 2013 we're looking forwards to hearing more from the band in 2014 with a possible album due to be released and some exciting live shows planned. The name Wolf Alice might not inspire great feelings of love and loyalty in your heart right now, but give it time and give their back catalouge a few listens and you shall be well on your way there. Expect blinding guitars, changing genres (from grunge to mellow rock) and a kind of intimacy from Rowsell’s sweet, understated vocals.

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