Sounds of 2014 - #12 - Childhood

A band that has suddenly appeared on our radar a few months ago, the London band have caught the eyes of everyone in the music industry. They comprise of four fresh-faced young lads who master the art of shoegaze summer rock. Their live show is full of melodies and woozy innocence akin to The Stone Roses but with less swagger. Again like Wolf Alice, being advertised as one of the hottest guitar bands around and with little to give on the internet, they have a lot to give at their live shows and it’s not to be missed.

Childhood have announced that their next single shall be "Pinballs". The track that nears the seven minute mark is one of those songs you'll be finding yourself listening to over and over again. It's out January 24th if you're interested. When playing Beacons Festival in teh summer, Richard (a writer of ours) briefly met the band out and about the arena the next day, they seemed very "honoured with the turnout" which grew with every beat they played despite the pouring rain!

The mysterious band have emerged with a sell-out single ‘Blue Velvet’ (released on House Anxiety) and a near perfect, rich and dreamy live show full of melodies and woozy innocence. Keep an eye out for EP's from them in the new year!

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