Sounds of 2014 - #2 - Superfood

Until earlier on this year they were junk as another band, but during 2013 they exploded onto the scene! "Superfood" (the song) is pure summer, and their influences are easily identifiable, with 90s alternative music along the lines of Pavement as well as having more obvious Britpop-y influences but with a slightly heavier feel, a bit like Wavves and slotting in with the slacker-ish music coming out of the area while still managing to sound like something new. These guys seem to know how to write a chorus too with the shouts of "You're Always Hungry" that get stuck in your head after the first listen, coupled along with cooing backing vocals of "Superfood" in the more chilled parts of the song. All in all “Superfood” is a solid catchy d├ębut track that lives up to the hype and buzz that’s surrounded their early months of being a band, so prepare to hear a lot more about them.

When they released "TV" onto their soundcloud account around six or so months ago this just  confirmed their place in our hearts as one of the finest bands to emerge since fellow Brummies Peace. "TV" is an imagination of Brit-Pop colliding with the 21st century, not like Viva Brother but more of modern life. "How am I to dream without the TV on, yeah?" - frontman Dom Ganderton shrieks, like a stoned teenager telling his family to go away. With catchy hooks in their duo of songs so far they're certainly a band you'll be eager to get your teeth into. Sueprfood, more like super addictive! The next year has on store for them an EP and possibly more if that goes well!

Be sure to see them live while you can!

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