Will Jones of The Profile kicks off new electronic project

In an industry that is subsequently dominated by electronic music at the moment - it’s no wonder some musicians are now starting to incorporate it into their own sound.

But Will Jones, guitarist of ‘The Profile’ and member of a brand new electronic duo, insists he isn’t entirely swapping the strings for synths.

‘The Profile are still very much together’ he says. ‘But I have always wanted to experience writing electronic music and this new project is enabling me to do so’. That new project is electronic duo ‘Unluck’, who compare their music to the likes of recent Mercury Prize winner James Blake and Dubstep musician Burial. But they also cite Radiohead’s Thom Yorke as a key influence. ‘Yorke is such an inspiration to our music and personally, he has changed the way I listen to music forever. The man is just a pure genius’, he adds.

As well as Will Jones, classically trained musician Will Heaton also completes the line-up and although they may seem worlds apart, believes that the two genres do have their similarities. He says: ‘the two styles can both capture a wide range of moods and they both have contrasting sections like the climaxes and down-points’. ‘I find it interesting exploring how to create moods within music, particularly though electronic music’.
Will Jones and Will Heaton of new electronic duo Unluck
After meeting through a mutual friend, the pair started rehearsing and writing together six months ago. They felt, in order to have a substantial effect on Colchester’s thriving music scene; it was essential not to rush into things. However, they are now looking to immediately impact the local circuit with a six track E.P that was released last week. Jones is also hoping ‘Unluck’ can do enough to be considered for next years Colchester Free Festival after his other band, The Profile played it this year. ‘It was such a great experience to play Free Festival and it’s a truly fantastic platform for local bands’ he says. ‘I’d love to do it again with this new project’. 

The bands E.P can be streamed via their Soundcloud for free or downloaded from their Bandcamp where you can contribute a fee of your choice. Physical copies, that also feature cover artwork from local artist Kay Lam, can be bought at the duo’s future gigs.

George Henry King