Wolfmother reveal new Material of "WM III"

The australian Rockband "Wolfmother" was spelled "dead" earlier this year, after leadsinger Andrew "The White Feather" Stockdale has released a selftitled debut album wich consisted of smoothier and more classic-rockish songs. He turned up into the studio after kind of "maybe-changing-his-mind" of willing to go further on a solocareer... However. The saga couldn't be ending innit? Wolfmother is and I guess will always be at the top of these days Retro Rocknroll Olymp, reaching many people and still gets hit in the radio. It's not uncommon what we saw on Andrew's Facebook page, that he's updating his fans often with new material. He is active in terms of social medias and informative. And that's good, because we do not like cheeky 2 seconds sneakpeaks or 20 second "there will be an album soon-trailer". Therefore Wolfmother has stolen our hearts from the very beginning and is still careing it like a little badass lotusflower...

The new sounds you can hear on the new video up on youtube (and downhere) is telling you much, and much much more about the band's history in 13'. They seperated themselves of one of the bluesiest guys in our time of history when it comes to Bluesharping. Elliot Hammond has joined the band a bit earlier and left it. Back in america in summer 13' they found a new drummer wich also hasn't got much attention. Left it too. Now one steezy sock, Vinny (former lead guitar) is hitting these Drums. The new sound is aiming for rougher and classier 70's Progrock and even more Psychadelic influences. A matching time baller, as you might call it! I guess I'm right when I say, no one can wait until the new era will begin for publicity of the new piece. Wolfmother III is coming. Brace yourselves, heavy rock'n'roll approaching. Like ever.

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