Before They Were Big - Bloc Party

Once called Union this was their last line-up before taking the name Bloc Party in 2003, and also previously going under the names of Diet, The Angel Range and Superheroes of BMX. Gordon joined under The Angel Range era when he responded to an advert submitted by Kele, the song Gordon played was "The Life Of The Party".

 Some (very) early recordings from The Angel Range era still exist, see the video directly below this. The 'video' is compromised of four 'samples'"Lead By Example", "Life Of The Party", "American Kids" and "Teen Crisis".

After that they changed their name to Union, with some live recordings still around on YouTube you can check out a full set of songs, here in order are all five songs, with actual videos too! Don't say we don't treat you!


"Chinese Burn"


"An Act Of Contrition"

"American Kids"

There is around 3 songs currently still up for free download, via - these are "This Is Not A Competition", a very early version of "She's Hearing Voices" and a rough demo of "The Answer". Below is a stream of "This Is Not A Competition".