Interview with... Golden Glow

This is Pierre Hall. His talent is making music and oh boy lord, he's doing this with heart and soul. And wave. And with a punky attitude. We recently just reviewed his single off his new EP "Beauty/Duty" released through Bleeding Gold Records. Now we took him on a small rollercoaster of sneaky peeky 5 Questions. Here we go...

  • Pierre, nice to have you back on the scene again. Where have you been and what happened with you while you've moved to London? 
Just living life really. I'd been in Manchester 12 years so had kinda done it to death - i really wanted a change so just decided to bite the bullet. I was born in London too so it's nice to rediscover where i came from.
  • Your new release is going through an official Label called Bleeding Gold Records. Who did that come? 
BG were the first label who expressed interest in me. They put out my first album on vinyl and Roger (who runs it) has a genuine love of music so it seemed natural to continue with them.
  • I like your attitude by making "S"Low--Fi madness. But where has your creativity gone. The new piece sounding a bit repetetive... 
I wanted 'The Scene' to be kinda hypnotic so yeah i guess it is a bit repetitive! For that particular tune it's more about a feel rather than over-complicating things. The 6-track EP though is the most eclectic thing i've done - i guess you'll just have to wait and see.
  • What's new, is there any new band member performing live or something? 
I've just moved so am really only just finding my feet - i haven't even got a job yet - so no live plans as such.
  • Pierre Thank you for your time again, and we're hoping on loads of more of your music Golden Glow yeah?
Yep! Plenty more to come!

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