Interview with... Julia Foster (Communication at OOAM Festival Baden, Switzerland)

Somewhere in Switzerland, there is a bunch of people inviting you to the greatest and most special venues they have in their town to watch uprising and mindblowing bands and artists. Heureka, the infamous "One Of A Million Musicfestival" in Baden is truly a familiy thing. With a great spirit, the developpers and hardworking bees gathered up some enthousiastic places on where you can get yourself into a mood full of Indie Music. As the festival is mainly watching for some great Folk/Rock/Pop genre bands there is also surely hidden treasures to be found.

Ever heard of Lubomyr Melnyk? Yeah right brothers and sisters, I'm well sure you haven't. What about "Julia Foster"? Well, maybe you should... She's the lovely happy soul of OOAM's communication. We chatted to her about the festival and on what she keeps her eyes on in the next few days. Here we go:
  • Hi Julia, what a brilliant wednesday morning it is... You're part of the festival team of "One Of A Million Musik Festival" in switzerland's Indie capital Baden. What makes it so exciting, few days before it starts and what is there left to do? 
 "Indeed, what a lovely Wednesday morning it is. The exciting thing about the festival is its team spirit, I love working with everyone involved. Just right now we're finishing the production, sorting out details for shows and traveling etc. with artists and agencies, working on the decoration as well. My job right now: talk everyone into talking about the festival."
  • Do you've got any recomendations for special venues this year? 
"Yes, Villa Boveri (Lubomyr Melnyk), Atrium Hotel Blume (an old hotel, Kalle Mattson, Alise Joste /, Royal - certainly one of the nicest venues that size in Switzerland." 
  • What will be on the "Foster-Music-Menu" at the festival?
"The Slow Show, Sophie Jamieson, Temples, Kalle Mattson, Lubomyr Melnyk, Ezra Furman, Naked Lunch, Wandl..."
  • Worst thing that could happen during the festival? 
"I fall asleep and miss out on the Lubomyr Melnyk show due to overfatigue -  a thing that did happen a year ago."
  • If you had three wishes you could ask an artist while they are in baden, to who and what would it be ? 
"I'd ask The Slow Show to play a cover of "Dance Me To the End of Love" by Leonard Cohen
I'd ask Lubomyr Melnyk to team up with Moonface and play a special show of "Julia With Blue Jeans On" for two pianos. At my house. 
I'd ask everyone else to enjoy the festival as much as I do which ultimately should lead to a great experience."
  • Baden is kind of the capital city of Indiemusic. Many Rock/Pop/Psych/Blues/and other Indie-touched music is coming from that city. You hope ppl from all over switzerland or even beyond will visit this musical city? 
"They actually do, we have people coming from all over Switzerland and the South of Germany as well."
  • By myself I honestly must say I've only visited one concert ever during your whole festival existance - Tom Freund, a sideshow of that one australian guy called Angus Stone, as Tom Freund was the Toursupport. You've organized him a side show where he could perform a very unique show of intimicy and awesomeness. Is it that kind of things wich makes the festival so special? 
"Yes. Tom is a friend of mine and when we heard he's supporting Angus, we organized a side show for him. So, special and intimate shows and friendship is what makes the festival at its heart."
  • Name me three bands you would kill yourself if you've missed them in badens "One Of A Million Festival"… 
"Talking this year: The Slow Show, Sophie Jamieson, Ezra Furman & The Boyfriends (really curious, he's said to be a furious and flaming life performer)"
  • You're making promotion for the special club in the almost Frenchpart of switzerland called "Fri-Son". Did your club and the festival work together in some way?
"Fri-Son did a Show with Oscar & The Wolf earlier this year that was presented by the One Of A Million Festival, and there's people I work with for Fri-Son that will come do stuff for One Of A Million Festival as well."
  • Last but not least: What does the future hold for OOAM ? Can we expect "bigger" and "more" names next year?
"We're not interested in "big", we're all about "love them". If one of the bands we like to present in the future happens to be "big", we'll certainly book them. It's 31 bands this year - we don't do parallel shows, we want to offer the opportunity to see all of the bands. We as well want to keep the festival small and familial, so not really going after the big expansion."

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