Tarck of the week... Pixel Fix - Fall

Pixel Fix have a new EP on the horizon, it's called "Fall" and it's already got some serious hype from XFM and BBC Radio 1, so hopefully they're just going to get better and better! The Oxford foursome have had an amazing 2013 with some support slots that include Crystal Fighters amongst many, and after releasing their self-titled d├ębut EP last year they're resuming where they left off, and certainly will be on the lips of many bloggers and taste-makers!

So what's new? Well "Fall" still has the same key ingredients that make their sound so infectious. The vocal samples, tender guitars that have the delay set just so, dance-able choruses and a fresh sound that everyone can love and get into. Their new EP is out 24th of February and as well as "Fall" it features three more new songs, they are "She Hears You", "Awake" and "You Don't". "Fall" is the perfect step forwards for the Oxford band as they edge closer to the big stages. Don't be surprised in a couple of years time that they'll be selling out the larger venues! But before they do, check them out in one of the many shows they'll be playing in the coming weeks.

Live shows:
January 30th, Thursday -- Bath - Moles
January 31st, Friday -- Bournemouth - 60 Million Postcards
February 1st , Saturday - Southampton - Lennons
February 2nd, Sunday -- London- Notting Hill Arts Club
February 5th, Wednesday -- Exeter -- The Cavern
February 7th, Friday -- Banbury - AKA
February 13th , Thursday -- Portsmouth -- The Registry
February 14th, Friday -- Norwich -- Epic Studios
February 15th, Saturday -- Nottingham -- Red Rooms
February 27th, Thursday - Sheffield - The Riverside
February 28th, Friday -- Newcastle -- Think Tank
March 1st, Saturday - Manchester - Castle Hotel

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