Track of the week... Copa Modem - Govern Me

It's pretty much safe to say you've probably haven't heard of Peter Diamantis - or as his alias Copa Modem - before. But hopefully that's all going to change this week with his latest track "Govern Me" being given the 'Track of the week' treatment. The six minute epic is a minimalistic's wonderland, the chimes of the start of the song really gives the song depths as the bass bursts and the keys come in.

His vocals then swoon over the top of the song and then gives the song some real body to it, it does go back to the very simplistic formula that it started on in the middle of the track but then again opens up like a flower as we see more layers and depth being added to it. Hints of Burial's work can be hard in places much like early work of The XX's sample pads and synth keys, even hints of Bloc Party's "SRXT" can be heard towards the end of the track.

The New Jersey based artist is really trying hard to break onto the scene, but it looks like it might not be that far off. The six minute long track really does win you over, and for you cynical fans of minimalistic music, this has something extra for you, it captures his influences really well and gives you a taste of the new and unfamiliar without straying away from popular culture.

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