Interview with ... Frank Powers (Singer-Songwriter from Switzerland)

Dino Brandao a.k.a. Frank Powers (Photo:
  • Skateboard Champion, Good Soul within a great taste of music. That's how I would shortly describe you Dino. What would come into your mind if you had to describe yourself?
Ah that's always a tough one, dunno... I guess I was supposed to become a good skateboarder and now I, however, try to become good a musician. Anyways, it all takes time but I guess once more I've found something I can put my whole heart into and that is the essence for me.

  • Your new record is about the future or about your past? Tell me of both of your things...
I guess it's more about the past, although there are songs who's spirit probably will remain for a while, at least for me - or maybe even repeat itself in the future.

  • What does music to you? 
I can get hyped 'bout stuff, can cry along, hate and love it. I guess it just helps me calm down a bit. I always feel really good after singing and playing music, it sometimes even gives me more energy than in costs me.

  • What do ppl say when they hear you perform? 
There like speak up when you say something between the songs. Or there like man, I liked it better the last time or something like the the sound wasn't cool at all, guitars were to loud (mostly when they're musicians themselves).

  • You've headed the swiss streets with your music. Now how did you change your live appearence when you've performed at Zurich's EXIL-Club? 
I look just the same on stage, I'm working on the massive performances where I dance and do backflips - but guess this is gonna take a little while. A thing I did though was that I've put my goldern mouse-brooch on to make myself beautiful for the audience haha.

  • Your favourite toy in your rehearsing room? 
At the time I have got a "Toy-Musicmachine" called "Big Baam-Boom", with like ten different beats on plus different scratch opportunities, it's ways too much fun I could play with it for days.

  • Through what musical taste-changes did Dino Brandao go through his still young life? 
Hmmm, from angolan traditionalists to Swiss and American Rap, over Britney Spears, to Bob Marley, to heavy Electro Ravestuff to french chanson, to Black Keys to Johnny Flynn and back from the start I guess...

  • Any bands/Poets/Artists you're influenced by? 
Sophie Hunger, Johnny Flynn, Pussywarmers, Tobias Carshey and Bonga.

  • What dreams do you have, particularly in music? 
Theres this one Guy in Zurich, in his 50ies I guess, and the biggest Honor would be if he'd be dancing at one of my Gigs. And else how I'd love to go playing in the french part of Switzerland, cuz that really seems to be impossible.
  • You've got any final words for the ppl reading this and who would like to get in touch with your music?
Hmm, yeah well - my album's available on Itunes: Frank Powers - Welcome at Frank's.
If you happen to be round Town come to our Gigs and if you wanna get the Album physically then you can hit me up on facebook. And I'll send you a parcel with the CD, swiss Chocolates and a bit of cheese. Much love
Frank P.

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