Single Review... The Kooks - Down

If you're a follower of Indie-music, at least since the Brighton lads had "their time" in 2005-2011, about then you're pretty right about that they DO sound very different. It's surely this first sentence I had in my mind when I was doing some research through google to find their new single.

And that's exactly the thing I wanna talk about. The Kooks are musicians who are still worth to be considered or to let your interest into the vocals of Luke and the music of the long-haired. You never stop loving them because they gave you very much in your earlier teenage period, on where you danced really stupid or tried to find the tightest jeans.

"Down" sounds like you should go for XXXL though. Absolutely groovey, that's for sure, but definitely not the thing everybody expected. Nice recording and an ace drumsound. Surely beautiful sprinkled with backvox-screams, but that's about it... I really hoped on a "Konk 2" or a rascal rock'n'roll attitude. Now what is it, what the southern guys were thinkin'? Let's hope they give answers on live concerts or future interviews.

This is surely not my kind of taste. Luke, Hugh, Peter & Paul, I'm very sorry to say this, but you need something more to make a more honest groove. We all know you got it. Show us what you got.

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