Track of the week... IYES - Breathe

Iyes are one of the most exciting indie-electronic duo's currently going, or even ever!They've spent the past year growing some absolute anthems in their home-town and the latest track to see the light of day is the hazy electronic track "Breathe". This is yet more proof that this band know what they're doing, they're really consistent as to the quality of music they're producing, and what's more is that the track is produced by Josh himself, with a little bit of help from MNEK

"Breathe" has lots of sounds and over lapping vocals going on, it's straining towards the pop end of the electronic genre, but that's not to say they've sold out, rather just homing in on what's relevant. The world needs more male/female duos, and this track certainly shows why we're in love with the harmonies they produce. This song clearly is the sexiest they've released to date, with brooding beats, perfect guitar tones and beautiful urban samples in the background. If they continue along the path they're on they can easily be filling out large venues within the year. Be prepared to listen to them an awful lot more, they're only just getting started! The track is out May 5th on Duly Noted Records.

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