10 Of The Best Tracks We Heard This Week (Up to 26th April)

In a new weekly feature that will go out on every Saturday, we round up TEN of the best tracks we've heard this week, weather it be tracks we've heard on soundcloud, tracks we've blogged about or simply demos and new tracks we've been sent. In no particular order they are ...

Delphic - Colours Of The Day

It's a part of their new 'Mixtape' called "Get Familiar", which consists of 7 new tracks over the course of 29 minutes. "Colours Of The Day" was previously a one minute track on their page two years ago and it's great to finally hear the full version. Skip to roughly 14 minutes into the mixtape to check it out.

It's also free to download - see the soundcloud stream below!

In Golden Tears - Pray

It's the last song we are every going to hear from the band, for why? They announced earlier this week that they'll be splitting up and "Pray" is the last track on the "Farewell EP". Their last show is on May 23rd in Hamburg - which we are flying out to - and "Pray" is forever going to be a track we cherish as we've heavily supported the band for a long time. It's everything they're about, a great way to end their career together.

It's also free to download - see the soundcloud stream below!

Bambi - Sheltered Eyes

Bambi - the Camden band - have revealed a brand new song called "Sheltered Eyes" this week, nad we've warmed to it so much that we're going to be featuring it a lot more in the coming week - hint hint #TOTW. It's got such a drive behind it, soaring guitars, atmospheric sounds and warming vocals, certainly one for the summer. And certainly one we've been playing a lot this week!

It's also free to download - see the soundcloud stream below!

The Away Days - Your Colour

The track is yet unreleased but we've been given a sneaky listen to the Istanbul band's latest single and it's one for the summer time for sure! They're playing the Kitsune party in Istanbul on May 17th and they'll be supporting Portishead and Savages on August 20th too. You can check out a 'teaser' for their song "Sleep Well" below - just to give you a flavour of their sound!

Jamie XX - Girl

There's no hiding it, Jamie XX is going to be bigger than his other project - err The XX - very soon, especially when he's producing tracks such as "Girl". Girls," a comparatively upbeat track that really complements the other track on his next single - "Sleep Sounds"- which is out on a double A-side 12-inch out May 7 via Young Turks.

The Neighbourhood - Lurk

The Californian band are back, but this time with a twist. After releasing an amazing EP a few years back they made a record last year that I have to admit, was the best LP I hear all year round! But the band have kept on writing and have got their creative juices flowing one more with their latest release. It's a mixtape called  "#000000 & #FFFFFF" (Black and White for those who're not familiar with the coding).

You can download the track by clicking into this link -- > HERE

Haus - Green

The Indie-Pop band who are based in and around North London have uploaded a track they recorded last year. Titled "Green" it really showcases the bands energy and really captures their live performances well, and yes, once again it's a free download. How nice of them!

As Elephants Are - Went Wrong

When I first heard this song it was called "Taxi Orgy", maybe the risqué name was changed so it was more radio friendly, but when we heard the full version a few days back we got seriously excited for their début EP. Their "Hand Prints" EP is out on the 5th of May, not long now!

Nelson-Type - Daydreams

We found their song "Daydreams" literally by stumbling on another song on soundcloud and this just so happened to be on the 'recommended' list. By the way, that's one of the best ways to discover bands effortlessly, you do find some absolute gems such as this one. The upbeat track from the Buffalo band was uploaded a month ago, but we've been seriously into it this week.

It's also a free download, click the download button in the post yea!

Layla - Black Mud

Layla has revealed a brand new song only just two days ago, but even so we've fell in love with the piano lead, pull-on-your-heartstrings title track from her EP. The track was even produced and mixed by our good old pal Ant West. You can pre-order the EP here! It's out Monday, but do give "Black Mud" a listen to, it's simply stunning, and jaw dropping beautiful, her vocals are just perfect!