Gig Review... Goldheart Assembly @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds, 3rd of April 2014

Never been to the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds before so wasn't sure what to expect but I think I may have found one of my new favourite venues! Smell of divine home cooked pizza wafting through a sea of trendy people that you know are there for the same reason as yourself was a cool introduction. The live room itself had a swanky bar serving smooth ales, more chesterfield sofas than any cow would be happy about and a really high stage which gave the bands control of the room in a way that i feel a floor level stage just doesn't do. But the roof terrace is where the venue has a little jewel in it's crown. Classic seaside deck chairs and a chimney that echos the sounds from the live room as clear as if you were stood downstairs made me wish it was summer already!

But seen as this isn't trip advisor I shall get back on track. Goldheart Assembly are a five piece, London based, alternative rock band who serve up heavy ear blasting moments of excellence along with soothingly gentle emotional music in equal measure.

With a bright yellow oil drum positioned on stage and the use of a ukulele, laid flat harp and sound bites of a steam train... I was really worried that this gig may descend into a weird realm that I was uncomfortable with but the lads professionalism as musicians turned it into a live gig that really worked. Each component really adding substance to the overall sound that was being conveyed. The inclusion of having two members singing at all times gave every track a studio like quality as they delivered a near flawless performance, although Kyle (lead guitarist, 2nd from the right in below pic) had a close call when his strap fell off making him dangerously close to missing his cue for entry on one song, close shave mate but still nailed it!

Loved the fact they did requests for an encore, something that as a gig goer makes me appreciate they can dip into any of their tunes at the drop of a hat and not had to rehearse everything to the last detail.

Quick chat with the lads afterwards turns out they had devoured some of the pizza from downstairs which I was genuinely gutted about but made up for it that they signed a cheeky little poster and appreciated us even coming to see them.

This mini-tour is seeing them play their first album, Wolves and Thieves, from start to finish. A record produced on the Fierce Panda label (happy 20th birthday nod to them by the way).

Their latest and arguably most catchy tune to date 'Oh Really' is available as a free download on soundcloud which is always good! (see below)

With previous headline slots at the Campden Crawl, BBC Introducing gigs at R+L, appearances at IOW and Glastonbury to boot, I'm hoping their northern fan base grows and with it the need to do more gigs up this way. Can't have southerners being greedy and keeping them all to themsleves!