Moats Belgium Tour Diary: Day 3 - 14th April 2014

It's day 3 of our tour in Belgium, I woke up at around 2.15 pm because I watched too much Sex and the City last night with Will for too long. It didn’t look as sunny as it did the night before but we still wanted to get out and see what was crack a lacking. Nathan wanted to get his sister a shot glass from a local shop so we went and got him one of those and made another trip to the supermarket to grab some munch. We were planning to leave the house at 6 O'clock because we had a gig that was an hour drive away. The gang from Belgium got us a mini tour bus and we got our stuff packed in the back and were ready to go. We listened to James Blake on the way there and drank loads of beer. I was drunk before we even got out of the van. Classic.

Tour Van : - )

We got to this big beautiful market street with loads of cafes and thousands of chairs outside them. It was quite the spectacle. The venue was called Café Belge and was known for selling great beer. We got given some tokens and were advised on what beers to drink, they had a menu filled with 60 different varieties of beer and even sold beer cheese. Woah. The venue was a nice relaxed place and there was quite a nice turn out in terms of the amount of people. We all went to grab some munch before the gig and I got myself a Doner Kebab but the meat actually tasted like dinosaur ham. I still went to town on the bad boy and ate it like a champ.

Dinosaur Ham Kebab

We then returned to the venue and did a sound check where we already had people bobbing their heads to us and watching us play. We came off stage and then chilled for a while before playing. The time then came for us to play and we had a similar set list as last time but we added in our old track “Skin”. It was a good set and we all moved our booties on stage. It was then planned that a dj would play for an hour and then we’d come back on stage. This was a bad idea. We were all pretty smashed (some more then others) after the DJ’s power hour of classic rock tunes and we were told to play a lot quitter then before. We went on stage not really knowing what we were playing but we started with “Show”, played “Toothache” then “Absorb”, “Glue” then “Fortnight”. James was so drunk I couldn’t believe it. We had a jam at the end of fortnight and I actually walked off stage for a good 20 seconds before he stopped playing. It was so funny. We then started to get our party on and met some British dudes who were also on tour called “NeonFly”. They were sound as a pound. We then got in the van back to Ghent where I threw up in a bag and a little bit on Nathan's shoe. It was all good fun though.

Cheese Beer.