Single Review... Ed Sheeran - Sing

It's been three years since everyone's favourite ginger topped singer emerged onto the music scene, and no, sadly you haven't gone back in time and sadly I'm not talking about Cilla Black. I am in fact talking about Ed Sheeran, remember him? Well now he's back with something a little less boring.

The SBTV acoustic version of 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' sparked off his career and was the freshest thing around since Calipo ice lollies. His d├ębut album, '+', had more positivity in it's title than its content, but nevertheless it was a massive success. Three years on and he's now the most familiar face in the British music scene and yesterday on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show, we got a taste of what's to come from Sheeran as his new track, 'Sing', was played multiple times. 

You may have guessed I've kept myself away from the Ed Sheeran hype after not only he, but also his music began to ooze the mainstream stench. However, 'Sing', has made me gain a strange admiration for him again. You can tell it's the ginger fellow with his guitar but there's something more slick about him and dare I say it, this song could transform Sheeran into a sex god. The tongue twisting lyrics about a certain 'lady' are not only catchy but gripping. Then you realise; it's Justin. JT. The man. Everything about this just screams out Justin Timberlake's 2002 album 'Justified' and it's not a bad thing; it's great. The instantly recognisable guitar and accompanying drum beat in JT's 'Like I Love You' have almost become re-incarnated twelve years later, and by the time Sheeran throws in some high, ball-squeezing vocals, he may as well have completely copied the American singer-songwriter. 

With such a successful debut album, this really is a good sign for what's the come from Sheeran's new album, inventively titled, 'x', which is due for release later in the year with 'Sing' ready for release on 1st June. It's a gentle push in a different direction but it doesn't stretch far from Sheeran's routes. Whilst he's still more Mickey Mouse Club than global superstar, it wouldn't surprise me if he swaps his t-shirts and hoodies for suits and ties from now on.

Ed Sheeran - 'Sing'
Out of 10: 8/10

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