Single Review... Wolf Alice - Storms

Wolf Alice continue to churn out their pop-punk music which seems to be fashionably surrounded by a lingering smell of attitude and dirty guitar riffs. Their latest track, 'Storms', is no different.

'Storms', is the second track to be released from their next EP 'Creature Songs', due for release on 26th May. The track pretty much mirrors the track which came before it, 'Moaning Lisa Smile', but doesn't quite rise to the epic-ness of it. Lead singer, Ellie's, vocals are now almost instantly recognisable and there's a tint of The Cardigans', 'Favourite Game' here. It's not as poppy, but just as catchy. The guitars are as electric and scratchy as they've ever been, and Wolf Alice are on the run to another winner.

I for one can't wait to hear the other two tracks that will come from the 'Creature Songs' EP but it begs the question, with such consistency in their song writing, when will the band be releasing an album?

Wolf Alice - 'Storms'
Out of 10: 7/10

Listen to 'Storms' below:

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