The Libertines to reunite for Hyde Park shows?


The Libertines have this evening sparked further rumours of a reunion - and it could see them play London's Hyde Park, this summer.  

Speclulation amongst fans was initiated last night after a status saying, 'Albion?' was shared on the band's official Facebook page. The possibility of The Libertines reforming was then made even more likely after an image of Hyde Park was also posted on the London bands social media site.


Speaking recently to an Israeli newspaper, Pete Doherty, the groups co-frontman, spoke openly about being approached to reform The Libertines.

He said: 'I don't know if I'm supposed to even tell you this, but we were offered to reform the Libertines for a show this July in Hyde Park. I got the call just yesterday. I said yes.'

Doherty then went on to admit that his current financial struggle is one of the main reasons he is reluctant to turn down the offer.

''Not long ago I listened to The Libertines songs on YouTube and had a burst of nostalgia so I said what the heck, and then they told me how much they will pay us and I cannot lie to you I couldn't say no, at least not in my state right now,''  he said.

He continued: ''I was recently called to family law court after a young girl I knew had told me I was the father of her baby. I have a year and a half old girl and I need to pay a lot of alimony, I'm in debt. It's very complicated for me to say no right now, I have financial problems."

The Libertines reformed in 2010 to play both the Reading and Leeds Festivals but have since gone back on a hiatus.

By George Henry King