EP Review... Wolf Alice - Creature Songs

One of today's most exciting bands "Wolf Alice" are streaming their new "Creature Songs EP" exclusively on NME.com. This EP will formally be released on Monday and gives fans another idea of what to expect from their coming album.

Creature Songs EP is a pure gem for guitar music lovers. The 11-minute long EP starts off with "Moaning Lisa Smile". A quiet acoustic guitar intro gives way to an explosion of guitars and the wonderful voice of front woman Ellie Rowsell. The second song "Storms" kicks off loudly before heading into a short breakdown, which is ended by thunderous, aggressive guitar riffs.

The quieter, more thoughtful "Heavenly Creatures" displays Wolf Alice's ability to combine dreamy guitar sound with some excellent lyrics - and, obviously, Rowsell's extraordinary vocal ability.
The EP ends with the track "We Are Not The Same", which features some dreamy, soft synth sounds leaving a deep longing with the listener - a longing for their coming LP.

Listen to "Creature Songs" here.

Out of 10: 8.5/10

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Written by - Benjamin Brown