Gig Review... Gengahr @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge, 14th of May 2014

To be honest, before the show I did quickly check out the band, it said they were from Kansas, so I was half expecting them to be some sort of bluegrass band trying to make it in the UK. Turns out they're far from that! The band are from Kansas, but they're now residing in the UK, re-locating for the time being as we have a high concentration of good music venues all within a small vicinity.

The foursome took to the stage around 8pm, with a guy with his left arm in a sling we thought he was a fan of theirs or a merch guy. Nope, turns out he was the drummer! Performing with what seems to be a broken shoulder/colla-bone (see facebook). The band started off with a track filled with washed out and distorted guitars, the lead singers falsetto instantly reminding us of Hayden Thorpe from Wild Beasts. The band then switched it up a bit with a delightful track called "She's a Witch" which has some very uplifting guitar tones and melodies, this certainly had the crowds attention by the time they were done!

The second half of the set had was more fun for us as the crowd were enjoying in thoroughly, reminded us of Everything Everything a little bit too! They ended on a real high with "Powder" leaving the punters wanting more, lucky for me I picked up a CD after the show! All in all this was a great set by a band we hardly knew anything about before hand, a well rounded set capped off with a big round of applause as they left the stage.

Be sure to check them out live soon!

Gangahr played:
Dizzy Ghosts
She's a Witch
Bathed in Light
Fill My Gums With Blood

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