Introducing... Secateurs

Indie Rock and Roll thumpers Secateurs are a three piece band from Deeside North Wales, members include Jay Ratcliffe (vocals, guitar), Mark Taylor (bass) and Gareth Jones (Drums, vocals). What first struck me was their high octane playing style. Crashing cymbals, galvanizing guitars and haunting vocals all fabricating an eerie but electrifying sound which slaps you around the face leaving you dazed and disorientated but wanting more, some may say that such an attribute is a negative one... it just isn't!

                                                                    Photo - James Hunter

Over the past 12 months Secateurs have been refining their sound and stamping down a real identity during their live sets, during a busy tour schedule in 2013 Secateurs released their single 'She Lost Her Mind'. Ratcliffes haunting vocals echo through the record drifting in and out of Taylors gutsy base lines whilst being pierced with Jones's snare, sure the lyrics are simple but that's rock and roll....right? With a shed load more gigs and festival appearances in the offing and with the release of their latest single 'Howl at the Moon' on June 7th it seems that Secateurs are working towards the bigger picture, is there an EP on the horizon?...I certainly hope so!

For fans of // Oasis, The Horrors, Drenge ... anything loud.

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