Live Review... Rae Morris @ Wilton's Music Hall, London 1.05.2014

Set in a secretive stunning London venue down an alley that takes a step back to the past, there was a buzz about what was about to happen in the next few hours. Most people may have heard of Rae Morris before her appearance on Bombay Bicycle Club's single, or it may be a case of becoming a fan after that - everyone was still there for her. The woman with the incredible voice.

Following an overwhelming support performance from Half Earth, an artist to really watch out for, was never going to be easy for anyone; however it seemed that everyone knew Morris would take on the challenge to go one step better and take it to another level.

Bearing close resemblances to an early Kate Bush and reaching vocal powers similar to Florence Welch, Rae Morris took the crowd's breath away. Silencing the intimate venue to watch and listen to just what she had to say, each song would close with a roar of screams and a round of applause to voice the opinions of the audience that they found her to be one of the best. And that is not exaggeration - Morris managed to turn her singer/songwriter label in to something that may just be what we need at this moment in time. With several hints at disco/funk influences and a mix of upbeat to almost acapella tracks - each chord, beat and loop would compliment the vocals as they echoed through the hall, creating a feeling of empowerment and a force of nature.

"I've not heard anything like this in a real long time. She's incredible." A guy in the crowd whispered to me halfway through one of her performances. The night almost turned in to a celebration of talent and following a star from the very early stages because everyone walked away knowing there are big things coming for this young artist. It was clear that she could feel something too as she took herself out of the music and took moments to look around at the crowd and smile to herself, appreciating what was happening.

Rae Morris isn't just another artist who sings about love, heartbreaks and similar themes; there's a whole lot more to her music. There's no doubt about it that her live performances make an impact and that's where we could see her really coming in to her own. Either way, this is not an artist you want to miss. Take the opportunity now to explore her incredible abilities and witness the enchanted scenes she creates with her lyrics.

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