Track of the week... We The Wild - Paper Plane

We The Wild announced the first inkling of new material last week with the duo suddenly announcing that they'll have new music up "this week", but literally less than 24 hours later fans were rejoicing as they unveiled "Paper Plane" from their forthcoming "Vol.II" EP, which is due to be released in Summer.

The track is the slowest track they've done to date, yet it once again shows that they're a versatile band, with industrial echoes and distorted vocals opening the song the song slowly builds to be a typical We The Wild number with layers upon layers of strings, guitar strums and sample pads. The track is short and sweet pitching in at less than three minutes long, but this does certainly have you yearning for more. The track builds and builds and ends in with a wash of sirens, Ant's vocals, violins (I'm assuming here) and various soundscapes.

A great return for a band that we gave the title of "EP of the year" for in 2013, looks like they're set to get 2014's accolade this year too! You can listen to the song below and all week on the blog too.

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