26 Things Idiots Do At Festivals and What Not To Do!

Here at It's All Indie we like a festival, but what annoys us is the ladish behaviour of teenagers and whingey girls. Here's a list of WHAT NOT TO DO at a festival and things we've seen people do over the years!

1 - Wearing sunglasses at night - WHY it doesn't make sense! 

2 - Girls who wear bands of flowers in their hair - Much like the photo below, you don't look lovely you look stupid, get those dandylions out of your hair!

3 - People who wear glasses like Kanye West's in his video "Stronger" - you look like a total douche, if anything it makes you see less! 

4 - Connor wrote - "A girl sat on my feet at Reading thinking it was the ground and did a poo in the crowd." Now despite people saying festival bogs are bad, it's still better than shitting on someone's foot, expect a kick up the shitter if you try that!

5 - The total bellend that pushes people into the pit - do this and expect to be mauled!

6 - In relation to the above post, we have people that mosh to the wrong type of band, I've seen people mosh to Mumford & Sons, Alt-J performing "Matilda" and Lianne La Havas - seriously, who are you people!

7 - Dancing to Azelia Banks off your nut - seriously!!! (Below is a video of me doing so)

8 - Cerys put - "People who wear Nirvana t-shirts and ask who Kurt Cobain is" - This has and will always annoy everyone who knows who Nirvana are!

9 - Nathan commented - "Oh and shout out to the guy that was walking around Reading 2010 during Blink 182's set with his dick out and pissing everywhere. Toilets, use them."

10 - Richard wrote - "The poo girl from Leeds who fell into the trench after trying to reach for her purse" - Link here of the story.

"Poo Girl"

11 - People that steal chairs - come on! It's a festival, share the love and don't steal, if anything wait until we're drunk then ask us, we'd say yes if you're kind enough!

12 - People who shit near tents - Look, there's enough toilets around the site, USE THEM!

13 - Nathan also wrote - "Those people that walk about Reading Festival carrying 20,000 cups or so just to get a couple of quid, I mean I'm all up for recycling but there's music going on!" - Takes the piss if you ask me, who wants to pick up rubbish when bands are playing? NOT ME!

14 - Matthew said - "People that stand there criticising the whole entire performance of something quite spectacular. "Oh those drums aren't in time and the crowd are all idiots" ... " - You try and do it!

15 -  Josh said "The people that try and sing-along to the song and magnificently fuck up" - Especially when on screen!!!

  16 - He also said "The girls that are on shoulders for the ENTIRE performance, one or two songs yes, but give someone else a chance to see the band play!"

17 - Matthew has said the best thing so far "People who do a massive poo on a stick and throw it around like a spear" - Just NO!

18 -  He also put - "People who buy laughing gas balloons for five pound"

19 - Josh commented - "Piss in cups is a hurter" - Why do people do it! HOLD IT IN!!!

20 - Josh also went on to say "people who don't go to the music at all" - It's a festival of MUSIC, hint's there guys!

21 - Also, do not spend all day getting beer from TESCO! 

22 - Courtney said - "Anyone who has ever shouted Steve, Fenton or Alan in their life" - Just die!

23 - He also went on to say "... or tried to get laid by playing a very painful rendition of "Wonderwall" on some shit little guitar"

 24 - Throwing bottles at the performers, although for this one 'act' it's fine!

25 - Nathan put - "People that bring ukulele's to festivals" - WHY!!!

26 - Onsies - Where do I even start, I don't care if you look like a Penguin, just piss off!