Biffy Clyro are already planning thier seventh album

In an interview with DIY - When they were chatting with Ben (Bass) he announced that as tough as their lives are they have had time to plan some news songs, going on to say ...
" ... and we have a couple of weeks before we go off to Russia, so we'll be back into our farmhouse working on some songs. We do have about fourteen songs, but it's difficult to say whether even one of them will be on the record. That's not quite where we're at right now; we're just trying to make music to have fun, and do things that make us smile. The idea of putting it altogether and making it an album is still a little bit off just now, but it's exciting. We feel blessed it be going into making a seventh album."

Biffy Clyro are planning to release their B-Side album "Similarities" later on this month which will feature some new songs amongst the B-Sides.

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