#IAIELEVEN - The Seductive Issue // FREE MIXTAPE

We welcome Summer back as an old friend that's been away for far too long. We've brough together Art-Rock, Acoustic, Shoegaze, Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop and everything in-between to make the most exciting and diverse mixtape ever! With sounds from all over the world, Sweden, America, Australia and Turkey, as well as brand new acts from all over the UK.

To find out who is in the mixtape, just flick the scroller on your mouse downwards!

#IAIELEVEN - The Seductive Issue
  1. The Away Days - Your Colour
  2. Moats - Snakepit
  3. Bambi - Sheltered Eyes
  4. Pixel Fix - Awake
  5. Port Isla - Steamroller
  6. Lyon Apprentice - Be Careful
  7. Waste - Blow
  8. Lovats - White Fire
  9. Suvi - Find You
  10. Iyes - Crazy In love
  11. Bastille - Flaws (The Chainsmokers Remix)
All tracks have been given to us by the bands themselves via their management/themselves.