Introducing... A-L-X

“I’m ready, ready for your love” - insists young Scottish singer-songwriter A-L-X on latest release ‘Allure’. The tone is not implicative of desperation, in fact, there is a keen assertion of confidence here, and not without reason. There is a sonic warmth to the minimalism here, standing A-L-X alongside the likes of The XX and The Neighbourhood whilst remaining a stones throw away from Frank Ocean and J’ai Paul.

It’s a sophisticated, slick and smooth record full of life but not obtrusive - it’s an engaging and intelligent track that has all the marks of an emerging artist cementing his credentials. Zane Lowe has already marked himself out as a fan, making the track one of his ‘Next Hype’ records, it’s likely he’s just the first of many.

For fans of // The XX, The Neighbourhood and Garden City Movement

Written by - Jacob Wheldon

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