The XX's new album will be a "completely different concept"

XL’s in-house producer Rodaidh McDonald has said that they’re working through a "completely different concept," and are "trying everything, trying to find new ways of working, new sounds."

In the interview with DAZED magazine he goes on to say...
"We're doing it in Texas and Iceland, and maybe France. So that's kind of starting in the middle of July, I’ve already spent a bit of time with them in Texas. There are songs which have come out of our experiences in New York and Texas that would never have come out in London; the colours and the ideas and the moods on some of these songs are just not things you would write in London. It's about opening things up a bit more. They are a London band, but they're also a band that’s spent a lot of time in different countries. So we’re trying to push that further with the Iceland trip, which is happening in July."
You can check out The XX 'newest' song "Together" below.

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