Track of the week... Delca Kara - Cupid

Delca Kara are an alternative band from Cheshire, UK. They have a great new track that's out today that's heavily influenced by The 1975 and Foals. The opening few seconds of the track has some light and dreamy guitar lines and then it gives way to the vocals, slightly American in accent they ebb and flow all over the gentle guitar tones and smooth bass lines.

The chorus does scream Summer Anthem all over it, maybe that's why we've included it in our list of 'Definitive Summer Anthems'. But considering this is their d├ębut track it's certainly a great song way to announce themselves onto the scene. The breezy summer sound from Delca Kara is a breath of fresh air and if they can continue to write songs like this then they will have a bright future. They're one of those local bands that keep on getting picked to support bigger as, hopefully one day they can be the big ones touring around the UK! A track hailed by Matt Healy himself and Zane Lowe to name a few, they've certainly landed on their feet!

Delca Kara's debut single "Cupid" is out Today (9th June).

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