'Genre Search' Feature - Surf

We're celebrating our new 'Genre Search' today, and with the new section due for it's official launch next week (when we will be tagging ALL posts with genres to make it easy for you to find music you love) we're celebrating every 'Genre' we post about.

They are as follows: Acoustic, Alternative, Ambient, Dream-Pop, Electronic, Folk, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock, Psychedelic, Remixes, Rock, Shoegaze and Surf.

This post is all about - SURF music!

The Drums

Recent bands that fall into this can be The Drums, Jaws, Swim Deep, Astronomyy and Splashh as well as the good old bands like Beach Boys! Just close your eyes and imagine the beach, that's what these bands can do for you! Bliss!!



The Beach Boys 

The Drums





Swim Deep