German band Deichkind start crazy eBay auction

eBay has seen many weird auctions in its history. Towns, islands, military aircraft and even a wife have been put on sale (the woman was put on the website by her husband after cheating on him; eBay later terminated the sale). German Electro-Punk/HipHop band have taken music-themed auctions on the site to a new level by trying to sell the following items. The auction ends tomorrow and the current bid lies at 4100€ with the money going to charity.

You can buy these items: 
      7" signed copy of their single "Ich habe eine Fahne" (I smell of alcohol / I have a flag)
      +1 guest list for every(!) future Deichkind gig
      Porky's (band member) underwear
      "ATOMIC BOUNCER" (a trampoline the band crowd surf with)
      a jumper, a yoga mat and small figures from their music video
      a pair of NikeID trainers designed by the band
      a Sony Xperia Z1

      and so much more