Introducing...Slumber Girls

Mix punk-rock with a hint of psychedelia, topped off with a grungy tinge - you get Slumber Girls.

This brand new alternative band know exactly what they're doing and their latest EP, And Everything Goes Still, demonstrates exactly that. From a mellow, spaced-out kind of feel to a summer Indie anthem, the Hertfordshire-based band have managed to capture a raw DIY ethic into their music leading to an incredibly hearty couple of songs that have so far been released. It sets them up for a good future but still offers a huge amount of space to evolve in to a band that could easily charge ahead of leading competitors.

Slumber Girls are already getting attention from people around the country and have recently played a gig at The Garage in London - something that many bands of this size cannot claim to have done. They have the experience, they have the skills and they have the knowledge - it's a promising forecast for the next year or so. Nobody can possibly predict how far they can go after that. 

We're delighted to have caught on to them this early on and we wanted you to join in. Take a listen a track from their latest EP below and find the rest of it on their BandCamp. 

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