Obscure band/artist called Rude reveal first demo "Armanio"

We got an email sent to us earlier today, that's all the real information we have on them. The only information we have on them is their name, the song title, and the fact that they're on a new label called Real Talk Records.

Over the years bands have tried to find something unique to promote their music, from Is Tropical with their face-masks, WU LYF and their no interview philosophy to most recently Jungle playing behind a wash of lighting and hiding in the dark while performing.

The track by Rude is a great way to entice you in wanting more from them, it features washed out vocals similar to that of Is Tropical's the bouncy vibe of We The Wild's new tracks, the screeching guitars reminiscent of New Order and the odd industrial sounds going on in the background. This is the most I've written on a band based on no information at all! Be sure to keep an eye on them, social media links below!