Maximo Park's Paul Smith & Field Music's Peter Brewis announce collaborative album

Maximo Park front-man Paul Smith has collaborated with Field Music frontman Peter Brewis for an album release, based on Smith's travel writing and Brewis' musical arrangements. Their collaborative album "​Frozen By Sight" will be released on 17th of November via the ever consistently good Memphis Industries.

If you can't wait to hear what it sounds like, scroll to the bottom to hear track 4 off the album "Barcelona (At Eye Level)".

"Frozen By Sight" tracklisting
  1. Old Odeon
  2. Santa Monica
  3. Exiting Hyde Park Towers
  4. Barcelona (At Eye Level)
  5. L.A. Street Cleaner
  6. A Town Called Letter
  7. Mount Wellington Rises
  8. Budapest
  9. Perth to Bunbury
  10. Philly
  11. Trevone
  12. St Peter’s