Peace play three new songs on return to Reading Festival

Peace treated the crowd to some familiar tunes as well as three new tracks on their way to conquering the main stage at Reading Festival.

The Birmingham band have come on leaps and bounds in the past year, hopping from the NME/Radio 1 stage to the Main Stage at this year's Reading and Leeds Festival. Each member took to the stage to cheers from their now devoted fans, Harrison Koisser parading on last in a shimmering fur coat and golden guitar - his latest in a long line of striking festival attire.

Below cloudy skies that were refusing to break open, Peace opened with 'Lovesick' from their debut album before delivering latest single, 'Money'. In a set that consisted of ten songs, the band treated the crowd to their next upcoming single 'Lost On Me' in which Harrison sprouts ginger locks in the song's video, which have now just about disappeared. The distorted, whirring guitars are at an all time high and so are the band, looking more than comfortable with Koisser teasing the crowd, 'you remember how to clap along right?'.

Bundles of energy come in the form of familiar tracks, 'Higher Than The Sun', 'Wraith' and 'Follow Baby' from 2013 album, 'In Love'. Koisser declares 'let's get a bit soppy' before the tender riffs of 'California Daze' ring through the swaying, peace endorsing fingertips of the crowd, 'Float Forever', similarly providing another opportunity for a sing-a-long.

However, it's the new tracks that blow away the shackles of last year's confined NME tent performance. 'World Pleasure' is on another level to anything Peace have done yet. It's everything Peace are; fun, care free and harmonising but it's also an anthem, a Primal Scream loaded triumph that blows away 'In Love', not even 18 months later. By now the sun is fittingly out and 'Bloodshake' is the perfect book-end to another chapter in Peace's already short-lived rise to the top.

With their new album just around the corner, things are seamlessly perfect for Peace and it shouldn't be too long until we talk about them conquering the later slots on some of the countries biggest stages. Peace out.

By Joshua Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

Higher Than The Sun
California Daze
Follow Baby
Lost On Me
Float Forever
World Pleasure

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