Raury; The Most Compelling Figure For Future Music

'Raury' is the 18 year old singer songwriter from Atlanta. Also known as the vastly matured, problem stricken, song bird and love child of Andre 3000 and every kid who picked up a guitar ever.

Warning. This content is not strictly indie. Or is it? It's hard to justify. What this young man has got is immense songwriting ability but placing it in a fixed perimeter of a particular genre seems unfitting. I suppose you'd say it's somewhat alternative hip-hop, or not really... Get the picture? Whilst there's similarities lyrically and rhythmically to Outkast and rumours of him collaborating with the ever-growing ego that is Kanye West, his guitar playing casts an alternative shadow on his soulful, teetering on the brink of rap lyrics. 

Is Raury art? It would be unfair to say no. His videos themselves are pretty damn intense and could fit into the most ambiguous of modern art galleries. As for he himself, he's probably what you'd imagine a farmer's hip teenage son to look like. The first and last thing you'll notice about him is his large rimmed floppy hat. Not the silly thing Pharrell Williams tries to get away with wearing, something much cooler, cos it's Raury. 

Back to the music. 'God's Whisper' is probably the most attention I've paid to a song in the past year. It grabs you by the throat, sits you down and makes you listen. It's a rally cry, a haunting chant which differs remarkably from 'Cigarette Song', almost the type Rizzle Kicks could've written it if they weren't shit. It's more Childish Gambino anyway, that kind of cheeky chappy take it on the chin kind of unconventional love song. His latest project, 'Indigo Child', has now been released and features both of the above tracks. You can only unlock it though, by completing a Raury-type crazy task; succeed in getting your two-dimensional indigo-child to jump over enough road cones and you can download the new project for free. Sweet. 

So to set it straight keep your eyes on this one, and if you think you're wanting to be a solo artist, for God's sake take a leaf out of Raury's book. Develop your own respectable, unquestioned style and don't be a shit stain on society like Bieber.

Click here to try grab your copy of 'Indigo Child Project'.

Watch the video for 'God's Whisper' below:

By Joshua Shreeve (@JJShreeve)