Saint Raymond packs out The Big Top at Standon Calling

Callum Burrows brought Saint Raymond to Standon Calling today, and playing rather low down the billing we were expecting a small crowd. Oh how we were wrong! I guess it goes down to his anthematic tunes, catchy choruses, the massive exposure he's had with supporting Haim, being played on the BBC a lot - on Radio 1, 6 Music and Glastonbury.

So when they took to the stage the crowd flocked like birds on migration to see Callum and co perform. You could see the band were clearly enjoying themselves on stage with massive grins coming from everyone. They played a brilliant set with their biggest and best songs saved for the Standon faithful.

I could easily say this was the best performance of the day, but no two sets here are comparable. The highlights of the set was his recent single "I Want You""Young Blood" and the track that got me into them, "Everything She Wants", which oddly was the track the whole crowd was singing along to! The end of their set was energetic and enthusiastic, giving a long lasting memory for the crowd! Hopefully they'll all buy his album when it's out, you know it's going to be good!

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