Single Review... Jamie T - Zombie

For those who weren't so keen on 'Don't You Find', they may find comfort in Jamie T's more old school approach in his new track.

Being called 'Zombie', perhaps you're naturally led into a Rocky Horror Show type of march to the upbeat rhythm, which isn't too far from the Jamie T glory days of 'Sticks 'n' Stones' and 'If You Got The Money'. The infectious guitar riff throughout is even more simplified and poppy than his early work though, accompanied by a needlessly repetitive chorus.

Whilst 'Don't You Find' delved more deeply into his mature song writing ability, 'Zombie' skims Jamie's surface which will suffice fans who want to be stuck in 2007 forever. For those expecting more, you may have to wait to hear the rest of the album and hope that he can produce something with more substance. Jamie's witty, razor cut lyrics have always been key to his success but here there's a certain feeling that maybe he's a bit too old to be playing the angst, teen card. The repetitive lyrics, 'walk in like a zombie' are lack lustre to say the least but brain wash you until it whirrs around your head.

'Zombie's' real success could only really be in years to come at Halloween discos (unlikely) or if there's a Shaun Of The Dead sequel (even less likely). If he can find a line that meets between this and 'Don't You Find', two polar opposites of songs, then perhaps Jamie T's future won't look quite so frightening.

Out of 10: 6.5/10

By Joshua Shreeve (@JJShreeve)