Young War stream new EP "Trinity" [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Young War are in the next wave of new electronic acts, they've got a hint of electronic-rock about them with the gentle guitars, RnB flavours of the beats and vocal melodies and smooth bass and synths. The songwriter (yes it's just one person!) is now into his second EP, of which we're premièring, and is certainly refining his sound down to a really great level of quality.

The way it's produced, to the way it's mixed, every inch of the EP is brilliant the lead track "Darker Love" will keep you hitting that repeat button until it's broken! "Eyes Closed" is more of a darker affair and is one for the deepest darkest parts of the night, melodic and haunting. Where the closing track "By Now" is a piano lead ballad that will keep you wanting Young War’s songs have a more folk / organic influence that feels instantly familiar to the listener.

Scroll on down below to listen to it exclusively here! It's amazing!

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